At the epicenter of Chicago business and culture, 321 N. Clark is redefining riverfront appeal with comprehensive amenities and sophisticated design for its tenants. Offering one of the hottest dining concepts on the Chicago River, 321 N. Clark is a prime destination in one of the greatest cities in the world. Enjoy stunning lobby design, modern offices, and brilliant views in the building tower above.


Here, you don’t have to balance the good life with your work life – they’re one and the same.


Best in class, best in value

Next-level office space is well within reach.
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The Center of a Riverfront Renaissance

However you prefer to travel—by bus or by water taxi, over the El or through Union Station—it’s easy to arrive at 321 N. Clark.


Between Work and Relaxation

Everything you need for a better, healthier work life.

  • 6,000 SF Fitness Facility
  • Spa-Level Locker Rooms
  • New Tenant Lounge
  • Redesigned Lobby by Renowned Architect Goettsch Partners

Steps from the Hottest Culinary Destinations

Lettuce Entertain You brings its latest culinary creation, RPM on the Water, to 321 N. Clark.

  • Four Levels of Riverfront Cuisine
  • Both Fine and Casual Dining Environments
  • Beautiful Space for Private Events